A singing vacation

II can’t do justice to the vacation time we were privileged to have last week, but I wanted to write down a few things, even if it’s just for our own memories in the future.

The basic goal: go to Camp Fasola, a singing camp put on by the Sacred Harp Music Association, now in its fifth year. Dear wife Bess suggested we go, and so she, I, and our daughter Jane, along with two of Jane’s friends (Rachel and Emma) headed down to Alabama.

2 thoughts on “A singing vacation

  1. Wow. What a wonderful report, Will. I’d been following the daily updates, but yours kind of put it all together. I am sure my 13 and 16 year old would be wonderful singers if only I could get them to something like Camp Fasola. . . .

    Although we had a successful singing school at our weeklong workshop at Friends General Conference which ufortunately meets during the same week as Camp Fasola, you’re tempting me to go south next summer. . . . that is a very hard choice for me, obviously. But your description makes it sound kind of like graduate school (without the bad parts) and something that I need to do if I want to continue to teach Sacred Harp singing.

    We sure enjoyed having Linda S wing with us, and know that you will, too, in Goshen & Kalamazoo.

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